In the one year that Man-Made Mythology has been released to the masses (Yup, we’ve been out in the world for a whole year as of July 24th!) one of the most common questions we get from bystanders, observers or just curious parties who have not yet played the game is some variation of the title — “What makes this any different than X?”

It’s a valid question to be sure and sometimes it’s double edged. Some players see the OGL (Open Gaming License) logo on the rules and form a fast opinion about the quality of the game and what it has to offer based on their experiences with other OGL titles that are based on the D20 system, which is now over a decade old. Some opinions are positive and some are negative, but with the baggage that some OGL titles have had over the years, it’s understandable players be cautious about what they might be getting into. Before we get into that, a bit of history and context.

3.0 Player's Handbook

3.0 Player’s Handbook

Let’s face it; There were a lot of bad D20 titles out in the early years of the system. What was intended to be a rule set, a game engine if you will, to drive a singular standard rules system so that no matter what genre you liked and what developers you enjoyed, there would be a universal system that dictated “If you know how to play one game, you know how to play them all.” The system was originally put out by Wizards of the Coast to drive the Dungeons and Dragons Third Edition (3.0) and allowed publishers, both big and small, to develop their own content with complete ownership of their intellectual property by adhering to the Open Gaming License that had all the basic rules. Developers could use as much or as little of the system as they desired, could change whatever they want and could declare in the book which part of their rules would be used as Open Content and what part of their books would be closed. In most cases, changes, additions or revisions to the rules would remain as Open Content (more…)

Things are progressing very nicely with the Bronze Files: Skyblock source book. We’ve gotten tons and tons of art from several different artists that we’re putting together with the bios and stat blocks for each and every one of the nearly 70 villains either incarcerated in Skyblock or on the Bronze “watch list” for potential problems. As we move closer and closer to getting everything in order we’ll be showing you guys some completed character entries to give you a taste of what is to come.

First up is one of our Kickstarter backer characters, Felonious Flea. For those who played with us in the convention circuit of 2013, you’ve already met Flea in the con-exclusive adventure module “Sub-Terror”. But he’s gotten a lot more powerful since then and is ready for payback against the heroes who lead to his (all be it temporary) capture.

And if you still haven’t picked up your copy of Man-Made Mythology then what are you waiting for? Available in full color in hardcover, softcover and digital PDF formats.


destinationlogoWe’re happy to announce that another local retailer has picked up our core rule book for sale in their brick and mortar location here in Louisville. The Destination, located at 5031 Shelbyville rd, Louisville, Kentucky 40207  now carried Man-Made Mythology along side other great RPG games in stock. You can check them out on Facebook here and if you don’t live in Louisville, no worries! Our product is still available across the region as well as online at our Drive-Thru RPG shop.

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Greg and Donald will be on hand tonight to run the Man-Made Mythology demo Brawls: Bank Robbery tonight at The Destination: A Collectables Etc. Location located at 5031 Shelbyville Rd in St. Matthew from 6pm to 9pm. Stop in, roll some dice and bust up some bad guys!


Hey everyone! Sorry for the gap in updates — as you may know we’ve been working hard on two fronts: Running our demo games at conventions and comic shops and working on getting Bronze Files: Skyblock ready for print.

We’ve added and shuffled a lot around in Skyblock and decided to refine our focus on NPCs and villains. Some organizations and groups got so big we decided to set them aside and give them their own book. This allowed us two benefits — one, we could focus on these other groups without overwhelming the scope of Skyblock and two, we were able to free up some space for more stand alone characters and NPCs.

Right now there’s about 70 or so total. Beyond the NPCs themselves we’ll still be giving a lot more backstory to things like Mythic and the role of The Bronze as well as more Quick-Gen bad guy templates for fast generation of NPCs for any level.