Hey everyone! Sorry for the gap in updates — as you may know we’ve been working hard on two fronts: Running our demo games at conventions and comic shops and working on getting Bronze Files: Skyblock ready for print.

We’ve added and shuffled a lot around in Skyblock and decided to refine our focus on NPCs and villains. Some organizations and groups got so big we decided to set them aside and give them their own book. This allowed us two benefits — one, we could focus on these other groups without overwhelming the scope of Skyblock and two, we were able to free up some space for more stand alone characters and NPCs.

Right now there’s about 70 or so total. Beyond the NPCs themselves we’ll still be giving a lot more backstory to things like Mythic and the role of The Bronze as well as more Quick-Gen bad guy templates for fast generation of NPCs for any level.


Hey everyone!

We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on our first ever flagship RPG game “Man-Made Mythology”. One of the most requested features was the option for a less expensive, softcover edition. Well, we have heard you and we have listened. We’re happy to announce that not only is the softcover edition available, it’s also on sale along with our hard cover and PDF versions. Until the end of November you can purchase the hard cover edition of Man-Made Mythology for $39.00 (Reg. $44.99), the soft cover for $29.99 (Reg. $34.99) and the digital PDF for $19.99 (Reg. $24.99). And if you buy the bundle of the print and digital versions the PDF is only five additional dollars.

If you’ve been on the fence about upgrading to the print edition, or if you’ve been looking for the chance to get everyone in your gaming group hooked up, now is the time to jump in and get started — but this sale only lasts until the end of November.



Moving on up!

The most awesome feeling in the world comes from knowing that not only is Man-Made Mythology in almost every comic and/or gaming shop in 7 cities in Kentucky (our home state) but we’ve also just set up a print run for one of the world’s largest online toy retailers, BigBadToyStore.com which is now taking pre-orders.

More and more people keep checking out the game and we couldn’t be happier



Some Skyblock Info

Every day we’re working on Skyblock and as we do so we encounter the familiar sensation of building on way more than we ever expected. So I thought I’d give you some heads up on what you’ll be seeing:


NPCs: You already knew this book’s main purpose was to provide pre-generated characters, both good and bad. We’re actually coming up with so many new characters that we’re starting to wonder if we’re going to have room for them all. That’s not even to say any of the characters are bad, but a lot of them we’re looking at and thinking “You know, this might go better in x expansion book in the future!” so we set them aside.

Organizations: We’ve got several organizations with names like: M.A.R.S., Coven of the Thorn, The Regime, Eastplains Church of God and the New Lalene reptoid city to name a few. Each Organization will go into detail about what they are about and how to use them in your game. Some are global, some are small, but each has a part to play in the overall setting.

Lore: Lore, lore lore! When we had our early drafts of the Man-Made Mythology core rules we were pushing 700 pages. We had to cut a lot of flavor to make room for the rules, which takes up a fairly large amount of real estate in the book. With the game mechanics out of the way, we’re going full throttle on creating a rich and vibrant campaign setting with Man-Made Mythology. Information on The Bronze is a given, but you’re also going to learn about the rich history of Mythics in the setting and how they went from being the stuff of urban legends and mythology to becoming known throughout the world as not only real, but loved by many (and hated by many) as they took center stage and changed a society forever.

Gear: There will be more gear added to the book as well. Some of it will be previewed on the website as a free download but even more will be added.

We don’t yet have an ETA yet on when Skyblock will be launching, but we’ll be posting teasers and page samples as we get closer to that time.